The Friarbots are fortunate to have an amazing team of mentors who dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to our team. Without them, there would be no Team 3309.

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Lead Mentor

Evan Smith, Boeing
2015 Woodie Flowers Recipient – Los Angeles Regional

Strategic Advisors

Phil Stump
Dr. Martin Carr


Mark Barfield
Dave Brzowski, Allied Professionals Insurance Company
Paul Capparelli
David Carr ’12, Twitter
James Carr ’13, Google
Jeff Goodwin, All Diameter Grinding
George Fristensky, Tesoro
Karen Kane, Green Dot
Doug Kavner, Raytheon
Anthony Lemus
Josh Leyshock, Blizzard
Mike Leyshock
Mike Mason, Hamrock Inc.
Rupal Patel, Boeing
Mark Sandon, Kinder Morgan

College Mentors

Vinnie Magro ’13, USC
Kenny Sandon ’16, Northern Arizona University
Andrew Smith ’15, UC Irvine
Michael Stump ’15, UC Berkeley