Team Name

  • FIRST Team 3309
  • Friarbots
  • FIRST Team 3309, the Friarbots
  • Friarbots – FIRST Team 3309
  • Team 3309 (only when in a FIRST context when FIRST is clearly implied)

Always spell the name of our team as Friarbots, never with camel case (FriarBots).



Preface all videos with the official Team 3309 video bumper.


In any context FIRST should always be mentioned. The FIRST logo is available from in versions for both light and dark backgrounds. Please use the appropriate one and follow all FIRST rules and regulations regarding the logo. “FIRST” is an acronym, full capitalization, no periods, and printed in italics.

In preparing documentation, fliers, videos, websites, etc. you must always use the team logo. Do not use the thumbnails below, please click the links for full resolution. 

All logos can be seen in this folder.

The logo should either be on a white or black background, in general. Black to white gradients are acceptable, but other colors are not suggested to be behind the logo.  This means that you shouldn’t often have a reason to use the “transparent” logos, but they are available regardless.

For any white background, use the inverted logos, visible in this folder.  If you are using these inverted logos, still follow these same guidelines:

Use this logo for most applications, especially in a FIRST context when our team number is most important.
Use this logo for most applications in a FIRST context when a simplified version is required, for example on bumpers or somewhere with a  lack of space.
nested-logo-inverted Use this logo for Friarbots Forum events.  Preferably used  alongside a team logo.


All official documents must use the official Friarbots letterhead

Please make sure the text at the top is in Bebas Neue.  See this link, it should look like this.  Install the font and completely re-open the document if you do not have the font yet.

It’s important that the text at the top is clearly visible.  Try to keep the font about 36 size, but smaller sizes are allowed if there is a lot of text.


There are several fonts that are appropriate to use in a Friarbots context.  Please look at the recently-updated Letterhead as an example layout.

  • General text in documents should be OpenSans Regular.
  • Headings should generally be in Bebas Neue.
  • It is important to use the logos with the integrated “Friarbots” text at the bottom.  This text is in OpenSans Light. If you need a logo with “Friarbots” below it, please use those logos.