Shop Safety

Safety Rules and Procedures

The FIRST Robotics Program and Friarbots Team 3309 take safety very seriously.  In order to build great robots, we have built-out a great workshop. With that, we have established a training program and safety rules to foster a safe work environment.

In order to work in the shop, you must fill out the following forms and qualify in one of our training programs. To get started, download, complete, and return this Shop Packet then see about getting qualified to use the shop through our training program.

Servite Robotics is supported by a full woodshop and machine shop. This “shop” is utilized to support the manufacture and construction of various parts and assemblies required to complete robotic projects. Servite Robotics uses a training and qualification program to ensure that any student who works in the shop is first trained, then tested in competency before becoming “qualified” to operate machinery. After a student is qualified to use a particular tool or machine, the student may do so only when an adult supervisor is present.

The following are general safety rules and procedures which are in effect in the Servite Robotics Shop:

  • Emergencies: Immediately report any injuries, no matter how minor, to the Director of Safety AND the adult supervisor on duty
  • Unsafe Conditions: Immediately report any unsafe conditions to the adult supervisor on duty. Any tool that is unsafe must be immediately removed from service.
  • Shop Conduct:
    • Every student is responsible for maintaining a safe environment and must use their judgement to prevent injury to themselves or others.
    • Do not attempt to perform any act that you feel is unsafe or beyond your abilities. If you are uncomfortable, ask for help.
    • Keep the shop clean and uncluttered. Do not begin work if the shop is cluttered. Keep all exits and safety equipment clear of obstructions including doors, fire extinguishers, electrical panels, and switches.
    • Eye protection must be used at all times when in the shop or using any tools outside of the shop.
    • Proper clothing must be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes are required at all times in the robotics facility.  Loose clothing is prohibited. Jewelry or any hanging accessories should be removed prior to beginning work in the shop.
    • Gloves shall be worn when appropriate.
    • Never operate machinery unless all guards and safety devices are in place and in good working order.
    • Never use defective or broken equipment. Report all broken equipment to the adult supervisor on duty who will tag it as broken.
    • Always stay clear of people operating machinery. Do not attempt to talk to a person operating a machine.
    • Never work alone.
    • Horseplay, running, or any such behavior is prohibited in the shop. Violations of this rule will result in the immediate loss of shop privileges and any qualifications.
    • Only operate machinery which you are qualified to use. Qualification can be revoked at any time if student or adult leadership observes unsafe practices. If your qualification is revoked, you may not use the associated machinery until you have re-qualified.